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Dietians.gifDietitians are employed across Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) in a wide variety of clinical settings. The settings include inpatient and outpatient services, community (adult and paediatrics), rehabilitation and mental health services.


Due to our large and comprehensive range of services, ADHB seeks to recruit Dietitians of all experience levels on a regular basis.  New graduates are closely supported and supervised in their first professional year. Exciting opportunities for career development will challenge and develop your professional and clinical skills, as well as your knowledge and critical thinking as a Dietitian in the following practice areas.


Auckland City Hospital and Starship Children’s Health

Clinical Dietitians at ADHB provide 53,400 clinical nutrition consultations each year. ADHB employs New Zealand Registered Dietitians who work in fields such as:

Gastroenterology                        Liver disease

Respiratory                                Otorhinolaryngology

General Medicine                       Critical Care

Neonatal nutrition                       Parenteral nutrition

Renal disease                            Oncology

Women’s health                         Cardiology

Cystic fibrosis                            Transplant

Neurosurgery & Neurology           Diabetes

Paediatric nutrition                      Health services for the elderly



Other employment opportunities for Dietitians include:

Mental Health: the Regional Eating Disorders Specialist Services as part of a multidisciplinary team including psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers and nurses. There is an intensive outpatient programme, a shared care programme and a day programme. The Dietitian works mostly in the Shared care programme, seeing clients already under the care of another mental health team, clients with bulimia, less severe anorexia nervosa and EDNOS.


Community Settings:  Dietitians are also employed at the Auckland Diabetes Centre (involved with clients at an individual and group level), Rehab Plus (working with adult inpatient and outpatient clients with dietetic needs in a rehabilitation setting eg. stroke, TBI, other neurological conditions, amputees, multi trauma) and the A+ Links Home Health Care Team. They offer dietetic advice and support to clients, their family and caregivers. Dietitians assess and treat adult clients (over the age of 16) with nutrition related disorders, seeing clients in their own homes or a community clinic.


ADHB is committed to performance improvement which means that supervision, teaching, consultation, research, service development and evaluation are further activities where Dietitians are involved.  Dietitians wishing to working at ADHB must be eligible for registration with the New Zealand Dietitians Board. From 2006, New Zealand Dietitians will need to provide proof of continuing professional development and ADHB is committed to assisting staff in this process.


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